It’s all about a sense of satisfaction… Admin is no doubt always remain as the Heart of a system. We being the heart part of CEC are well aware of our responsibilities and roll to play towards the budding engineers in the campus. It’s really a joyful experience to serve staff & students along with parents and visitors here. Our vibrant, ever green, dynamic campus having a glorious tradition of Canara Family has remained the right choice for studious students. Series of generation like to be connected with Canara for the cause of quality education at affordable cost is matter of pride for us. We at admin, feel proud to be supportive & extend our all possible assistance in shaping the career of our young engineers. Thus the network is widening, Canara Parivar is also extending to all parts of this glob for its fruitful efforts in the field of Technical Education. Special thanks to office bearers of our Management CHSA, Hon. Secretary Sri. M. Ranganath Bhat & Hon. Correspondent Sri. M. Padmanabha Pai for their ever guiding support. We are grateful to all those who are with us in the smooth administration in the institution. Our sincere efforts will be continued in pursuit of perfection.

-Ganesh Kamath M,

M.A. B.Ed.

Administrative Officer