Karnataka Education Act, 1983

"Ragging" means causing, inducing, compelling or forcing a student, whether by way of a practical joke or otherwise, to do any act which detracts from human dignity or violated his person or exposes him to ridicule or to forbear from doing any lawful act, by intimidating wrongfully restraining, wrongfully confining, or injuring him or by using criminal force to him or by holding out to him any treat of such intimidation, wrongful restraint, wrongful confinement, injury or the use of criminal force".

The Vigilance Committee shall take all precautionary measures to ensure that the senior students do not indulge in the act of ragging in any premise of the Institute. The Vigilance Committee can obtain the assistance of other staff if found necessary. All the members of the Committee in Particular and all faculty members in general are requested to extend their co- operation in totally avoiding ragging activity in the Institution and in continuing our institutional status as ragging free campus.


Review Committee:
NamePositionContact Number
Dr. Ganesh V Bhat ā€“ (Principal] Member 8762115169
Prof. Subramanya Bhat (HOD E&C)Member9916026580
Dr. Demian Antony Dā€™ Mello (HOD, CS) Member 9448216791
Prof. Sunil Kumar B L (HOD, IS) Member 9901723992
Dr. Rajalakshmi Samaga (HOD. EE) Member 9481268030
Dr. N Damodara (HOD, CHEM) Member 9448338298
Dr. Priya V Frank (SWO) Member 9945385318
Mr. Prashanth M V (Asst. Professor, Mech) Member 9743822825
Ms. Srilaxmi K H (Asst. Prof EC) Member 9481021946
Mr. Ganesh Kamath M (AO) Member 9448150757
Mr. Harish, Asst. Physical Director Member 9980206552
PSI, Bantwal Rural Police Station, Bantwal Member 08255 235000
Mr. Akshay Alva (EEE, VII Sem) Student Member 9741631464
Ms. Chaithanya (EC, VII Sem) Student Member 9036275057
Mr. Rakesh K, (IS, V Sem) Student Member 8197344355
Mr. Deepak H. Shenoy (ME, V Sem) Student Member 8147981484
Ms. Ambrin Naaz (CS, VII Sem) Student Member 9591096782
Flying squad 1
NamePositionContact Number
Dr. B Krishna Prabhu (HOD, Mech) Chairman 9844856886
Mr. Visveshwara Upadhyaya (HOD, Physics) Member9448260704
Mr. Suresh D (Asst. Professor, CS ) Member 9141854528
Mr. Mohan Rao K (Asst. Professor E&E) Member 9448911140
Mr. Sandesh Kamath ( Asst. Prof Mech )Member 8105658572
Mr. Dayanand G K (Asst. Prof. (E&C) Member 9880286704
Mr. Venkatesh Bhat B (Asst. Professor, Mech) Member 9448156132
Mr. N.Satheesh Kumar (Asst. Professor, Mech) Member 9448812194
Mr. Harish, Asst. Physical Director Member 9980206552
Mr. Deepak D (Asst. Prof CS) Member 9164505135
Flying squad 2
NamePositionContact Number
Mr Balakrishna Bhat ā€“ (HOD, Maths)Chairman 9449615808
Mr. Ramesh Nayak (Asst.Prof . CS)Member9449791341
Mr. Narayana Moorthy (Asst. Professor, Phy)Member 9845547622
Ms. Ashwini V R (Asst. Prof. EC)Member 9480165312
Mrs. Sumathi, (Asst.Prof. CS)Member 9739316527
Ms. Ashwini K G (Asst. Prof EE) Member 8095104125
Ms. Shyamala, (Sr. Lecturer Maths) Member 9980405548
Mr. Prashanth Kamath (Sr. Lecturer, Mech.) Member 9686927387
Ms. Prathibha M (Asst. Prof. EE) Member 9845833297
Mr. Santhosh (Asst. Prof CS) Member 9743469708
Mr. Rajagopal K T (Asst. Prof CS) Member 9739367679
Mr. Santhosh ( Library) Member 8892257966