"In ever changing field of technical education. Technology is moving at a very fast pace. What was breakthrough yesterday is obsolete today. This has made it imperative that future technocrats must be familiar not only with technical skills but also with the technology of tomorrow with proper basic knowledge of science. Academicians and Industrialists alike have recognized the value of the degree in developing challenges of the rapidly changing Science & technology. Chemistry is a bridge that connects Pure Science with Engineering practices. It aims to provide a strong foundation for students of engineering and is one of the indispensable departments of the institute. Chemistry taught at the undergraduate level. The Department has well equipped laboratories which enable faculty and students to employ fundamental principles to create innovative new technologies. These novel solutions are then handed off to engineering disciplines to be refined, enhanced and used to address important problems. Guidance provided to the students by Faculty at the Department. The Campus environment and work culture will encourage individuals from all walks of life and from all special backgrounds. Indeed the campus at CEC is rooted in the belief that the wider the range of students background and experiences the more it aids the learning process. I hope young engineers passing from the institute will create difference in National and Global scenario. I expect my students to be sincere, responsible and committed to their work. They should have "never give up attitude and unquenchable thirst of knowledge."

- Dr.N.Damodara