We are proud to say that, the Departmental Association has framed with good intention, to improve the students skills in both technical and non-technical domains. All students will join the institute with goal to get a job before finishing his/her academic courses. To achieve this, the students must have a very good communication skills (Ethics, Behavior & Body Language) and innovative project contribution at his/her credit with theory and practical knowledge on

  • Core domain of their streams
  • Mathematical, Analytical and Logical Problem solving techniques
  • Basic Computer Programming
  • Objectives:

    The objectives of this association is to enlighten & strengthen students skills to achieve their goals. It also provides the opportunity to improve their overall skills in technical and non-technical domains. The objectives of Departmental Association is to Promote the students to

    • Gain knowledge on core domain of their streams
    • Get Mathematical, Analytical and Logical problem solving skills
    • Learn basic computer programming skills
    • Improve the communication skills (Ethics & Behavior)
    • Contribute by building the innovative projects/products & Models to society and needy