All the laboratories in the department are well equipped with the updated software and technologies so as to provide required infrastructures to carry in-house projects for final year students. Labs are well illuminated and ventilated.

Circuit and Power Electronics Lab

    This laboratory enables the 2nd year students to gain practical experience in connecting circuits with discrete components. This laboratory also enables the 4th year students to analyze characteristics of MOSFET, SCR, IGBT & different firing circuits and Motors.
    • Advanced Communication Lab (VI Sem).
    • Power Electronics Lab (VII Sem)
    • Major Facilities.
      • Digital storage Oscilloscope
      • Function generators
      • Power Electronics Lab Equipments and  kit
      • Power supply units.

    AEC, LIC and AC lab

    • Analog Electronic Circuits Lab (III Sem).
    • Analog Communication + LIC Lab (V Sem).
    • Advanced Communication Lab (VI Sem).
    • Major Facilities/Equipments
      • CRO (analog and digital storage, with 4 channels)
      • Function generators
      • Trainer kits
      • Antenna setup
      • Various Digital Modulation Kits
      • Power supply units.

    Logic Design and Project Lab

    • This laboratory enables the students of 2nd year to study the various applications of Digital ICs, It is also used by Final Year students to carry out their UG Projects.
    • Major Facilities/Equipments
      • Digital IC Trainer kit, IC Tester.

    DSP, Microprocessor and HDL Lab

    • This laboratory is equipped with MATLAB software, Xilinx ISE & CCS to enable the students to learn DSP and programming with HDL and interfacing.
    • List of Major tools
      • TMS DSP Processor kits
      • Floating point / Fixed Point  
      • DSP  Processor
      • CCS Full version software
      • development tools
      •  MATLAB Range Software,
      • MATLAB Tools Boxes

    Microcontroller and VLSI Lab

    • This laboratory is equipped with Licensed Cadence Tool and Keil software. The Tanner software enables to design VLSI circuits and layouts and simulate them. The microcontroller lab enables the students to learn assembly language programming using Keil. The student will be able to interface the system to A/D and D/A converters.
    • List of Major tools
      • TMS DSP Processor kits
      • Core 2 Duo Pentium processors, Pentium P4 systems.
      • ESA 8051 based trainer kits
      • Keil software
      • Licensed Cadence Tool. 

    Class Room

    • Class rooms are designed so as to ensure excellent audibility.
    • Classrooms are well illuminated and ventilated.
    • Class rooms are spacious with comfortable seating arrangements.
    • All the class rooms are equipped with LCD projectors.

    Seminar Hall

    • Department has got a well equipped and spacious seminal hall
      with a seating capacity of 120.
    • Seminar hall is used for conducting short terms courses,
      guest lecturers, FDP etc.
    • Seminar hall is well ventilated and illuminated.