Canara College of Engineering thrives to cater to the needs of mankind by educating students during their graduation in a holistic way. The relationship with industry is one of the most essential aspects that CEC looks into. In this regard Industry Institute Partnership Cell, undertakes many activities which will bridge the gap between Industry and Academia. Here we work together to meet the following objectives:


  • To arrange industrial visits to course specific industries to help students to be aware of the corporate ethics and make them realize their role as an engineer towards the society while they study the course.
  • To encourage students to take up internships at industries of their interest and to make them realize the need for lifelong learning.
  • Invite experts from industry for invited lectures to make students understand the recent trends of the industry and to cover topics beyond syllabus.
  • To encourage industry specific training /certification programs for students and faculty.
  • Promote entrepreneurship activities to bring out the employer inside our students.
  • Bridge the gap between academia and industry by promoting Memorandum of Understanding with companies.

Organization chart:


Roles and Responsibilities:

IIPC headed by chairman and ably supported by various department members, takes up the job of plugging the gap between academia and industry. It is responsible for contacting various industries and industry experts to arrange industrial visits, internships, expert talks, industry oriented workshops. It also strives to help students to get into entrepreneurship by organizing entrepreneurship awareness programs by inviting successful entrepreneurs. It also invites alumni successful in entrepreneurship and holding high positions in industries. It also tries to meet the requirements of students by making them a part of the IQAC in which also includes industry representatives as well. Thus, IIPC is making all efforts to bring students nearer to industries.

Process Flow:

The process chart highlights various activities undertaken by IIPC. Many activities are conducted to strengthen POs which otherwise may not be ably attained by regular courses.


Summary of Activities - IIPC:

Internships Industrial visits Workshops/ Training programs Technical talks Entrepreneur awareness programs
2012-2013 104 - 103 - -
2013-2014 104 - 121 - -
2014-2015 152 475 253 - -
2015-2016 353 924 474 754 2-33
2016-2017 139 484 390 652 2-265
2017-2018 184 825 373 150 3-184
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