I am glad to know that the Canara Engineering College is publishing the Annual MagazineSurabhi-17 in April this year. My best wishes to all those who are involved in the publication ofthe said magazine.

An Annual Magazine is an important document to be preserved by the College for the benefitof posterity. It records the various events that took place in the College during the year as also thearticles, poems and other numerous incidents and drawings of the students it contains. Thestudents who contribute this way in the Magazine will be extremely happy to see their namesprinted in the Annual Magazine. Your magazine has always been in a class of itself and I wish allthe contributor students of SURABHI, all the best in maintaining the high standard it had in the past.Let the fragrance of SURABHI exude throughout India attracting talented students to the college inthe years to come.

My good wishes also go to the editorial board led by Mr. M. Sandeep Prabhu.

Mr. S. S. Kamath

Honorary President


   The role played by Indian Engineers in the Emerging Technological Revolution is now  acknowledged globally. The growth in the engineering sector has now outpaced the availability  of quality engineers. In this scenario the commencement of Canara Engineering College in the  year 2001 was a new Millennium gift to the society at large.I am indeed glad that a dedicated  team of, faculty qualified and committed is carrying on the task of producing and delivering  quality engineers to build a better tomorrow.To meet the growing challenges of the industry, the  Management with the active support of the staff members has gone a step ahead in terms of offering soft skill training for all round development of capabilities. The large number of campus recruitment of our students year after year by leading national and multinational companies is a proof of quality education imparted at Canara Engineering College.

As our first batch of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics streams of students are entering the final year of the course, 100% of the necessary infrastructure is in place.

My special thanks to Sri Annappa Pai and all the members of the CHS Association who have put in dedication efforts in building up this institution. The version of our founder Sri Ammembal Subbarao Pai has inspired generation after generation in this sacred task of imparting quality education to all sections of the society irrespective of caste, creed and community at affordable cost.

I wish every student of this institution the very best in all their future endeavors.

Sri Annappa Pai M

Vice - President
Canara High School Association


A lot of changes for the better have happened in Canara in the last 126 years of existence whichis the very reason for the progress. To change with times, to get in new ideas, to have an openmind to imbibe and enact the ideas has been the hallmark of the Canararites. The challengesare getting tougher and we are gearing up to face these challenges.

The Valediction of the Post Centennial Silver Jubilee was celebrated on 30th June, 2016 with theinauguration of the iconic monument 'Shree Bhuvanendra Sabha Bhavan' by our own AlumnusSri P. Dayananda Pai who made a magnanimous announcement to bear the expenses of theentire refurbishment cost of this edifice.

'Play Schools @ Canara' a pre-nursery initiative at the Kodialbail and Urwa campuses wasenthusiastically received.

The pursuit of perfection is an unending process and at Canara Engineering College, we do itvery religiously. This has only resulted our college to be at the top, be it academics, activitiespertaining to learning beyond the syllabus, extra-curricular activities or placements. An idea thathas been kindled to have an Incubation Centre will go a long way in attaining a dream of ours – tobe an Institute of Repute.

A pat on the back of the Principal, every Faculty and all the students for having raised the 'bar' yetagain.

I am sure that this annual magazine, 'SURABHI' will be informative as it has always been and mycongratulations to those who have helped bring it out as an e-magazine.

M. Ranganath Bhat

Honorary Secretary


I am extremely happy to write this message to the 2017 edition of the college magazine. First of all, I wish tocongratulate the Principal, HOD's and the staff for arranging seminars and technical talks by experts from theindustry and other reputed engineering colleges. This will go a long way in improving knowledge of faculty andstudents as well. We in the management are open for creative ideas which will help the institution

We may soon have a start-up Centre in our college for entrepreneurs to get started. Plans are in the offing for moreinfrastructures in the campus for a food court with state of the art kitchen and a multipurpose gym andauditorium. Placements are looking good in spite of the slowdown in the industry. The MOU with co-cube willdefinitely help us in training and placements.Congrats to the editorial board for bringing out yet another college magazine. Wishing everybody in thecampus health, happiness and prosperity.

Mr. M. Padmanabha Pai

Canara Engineering college,Mangaluru


An Institute is assessedbased onits academic strengths and outcomes in terms of performance & achievements of the students &faculty. The new generation of competent mind must imbibe knowledge and practically they should comprehend the art of balancing brilliant technical, managerial communication and interpersonal skills, delivered along with expertise at its finest. In this direction, Canara Engineering College has emerged as the 'institute of choice’;the talented youth guided by our dedicated team of staff have made CEC known for Quality Technical Education. Students walking out as graduates with job offers, joining the main stream of society, identifying themselves as entrepreneurs, innovators, educationists, heads of prestigious organizations, practicing engineers, is a matter of pride which gives a great sense of satisfaction to all of us.

I am happy that CEC is been known for its Academic credentials coupled with holistic growth in all directions and spheres.The Institute has achieved a series of milestones in terms of Placements and Academic results since 2001, and the credit for the same undoubtedly goes to our brilliant students, dedicated staff and encouraging Management.

Dr. Ganesh V. Bhat

Canara Engineering College

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