The department of Mechanical Engineering was started in the year 2004 with a sole aim to impart quality education to students in the field of Mechanics, Thermal Engineering, Manufacturing, Material Science, Design, Management and Maintenance of mechanical systems and interdisciplinary areas like Mechatronics, CAD/CAM, Automation, and Control Engineering. The department is equipped with well furnished classrooms with LCD projectors, and department Library.

Basic Workshop

    In this lab students study about various tools, fitting work, sheet metal work and welding.

    Major Facilities/Equipments:

    • Bench Vice
    • Leg Vice
    • Arc welding machine
    • Fitting tools
    • Sheet metal tools
    • Welding tools.

    Computer Aided Engineering Drawing Lab

      This lab with high end computers and drafting package is devoted for training first year students in computer aided drafting.

    Computer Aided Machine Drawing Lab

      In this lab students study about 2-D and 3-D Drawings of fasteners like bolt and nut, couplings, Keys and joints, rivets, thread forms and 3-D assembly drawings of different Machine Elements.

      Major Facilities/Equipments:

    • 81 computers with high end configurations
    • installed Solid Edge Software.

    Machine Shop

      In this lab students study about various machining operations using Lathe, drilling, milling, shaping, grinding machines.

      Major Facilities/Equipments:

    • Lathes
    • Milling machines
    • Drilling machines
    • Grinding machines
    • shaping machine
    • CNC Lathes.

    Foundry and Forging Lab

      In this lab students study about various foundry and forging process, measurement of various parameters of foundry sand etc.

      Major Facilities/Equipments:

    • Permeability tester
    • Sand siever
    • Moisture content testing machine
    • Ovens
    • Furnaces
    • different types of Dies
    • Moulding boxes.

    Metallography and Material Testing Lab

      In this lab students study about various properties of metals using testing equipments like Universal Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machines, Wear Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Metallographic Studies etc.

      Major Facilities/Equipments:

    • Brinell
    • Vicker
    • Rockwell Hardness Tester
    • Impact Tester
    • Wear tester
    • Universal Testing Machine
    • Micro hardness tester
    • Microscope
    • Heat Treatment Furnace.

    Mechanical Measurements and Metrology Lab

      This lab covers study of various measuring methods, equipments and tools used in Industries.

      Major Facilities/Equipments:

    • Accelerometer
    • Calibration of Thermocouple
    • Oscillator
    • Indicator
    • Load Cell
    • LVDT Amplifier
    • Gear Tooth Vernier Caliper
    • Bore Dial Gauge
    • Sine Bar/Sine Center
    • Slip gauges.

    Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab

      This lab covers the study of various performance characteristics, measurements of flow using various methods and instruments.

      Major Facilities/Equipments:

    • Francis Turbine Test Rig
    • Kaplan Turbine Test Rig
    • Pelton Wheel Test Rig
    • Gear Pump Test Rig
    • Impact of Jet on vane Test Rig
    • Friction in Pipes Test Rig
    • Single Stage Centrifugal Pump Test Rig
    • Multistage Centrifugal Pump Test Rig
    • V-Notch, Venturimeter, Orifice meter
    • Blower, Compressor.

    Energy Conversion Engineering Lab

      This lab deals with the study of various performance characteristics of Internal Combustion Engines like 2 stroke, 4 stroke petrol, diesel engines, analysis and other tests related to energy conversion engineering.

      Major Facilities/Equipments:

    • Bomb Calorimeter/Boys Calorimeter, Orsat Apparatus
    • Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus
    • Abel Pensky Flash and Fire Point Apparatus
    • Pensky Martin Flash and Fire Point Apparatus
    • Redwood Viscometer, Saybolt Viscometer
    • Torsion Viscometer
    • Air cooled and water cooled Petrol Engines
    • Diesel Engines, Variable Compression Engine
    • Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine (Morse Test), Planimeter.

    Heat and Mass Transfer Lab

      This lab deals with the study of various performance characteristics of Heat and Mass Transfer equipments like Air Conditioner, Refrigeration, Heat flow analysis etc.

      Major Facilities/Equipments:

    • Forced Convection Apparatus, Pin-fin Apparatus
    • Free or Natural Convection Apparatus
    • Parallel flow and Counter flow Heat Exchangers
    • Thermal Conductivity Apparatus
    • Stefan Boltzman Apparatus, Emissivity Apparatus
    • Heat Flux Measurement
    • Vapour Compression Refrigeration Apparatus
    • Air Conditioning Test Rig.

    Design Lab

      This lab deals with the study of various design aspects like Vibration, Balancing, Whirling of Shaft, Bearings, Gyroscopic Systems, Physical Stress Analysis Methods etc.

      Major Facilities/Equipments:

    • Gyroscopic Set up, Journal Bearing Test Rig
    • Equipment for studying Whirling of Shaft
    • Static and Dynamic Balancing Machine
    • Porter and Hartnell Governor
    • Pressure Variation Measurement Equipment
    • Torque Measurement Equipment, Strain Rosettes.

    Computer Aided Modeling and Analysis Lab

      In this lab students are taught how to do Finite Element Analysis for any structural members which are exposed to different types of load like, Axial, Transverse & inclined Load, Temperature in the material, Stress analysis and Vibration analysis.

      Major Facilities/Equipments:

      35 Computers with Ansys V12 software installed.

    Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab:

      In this lab students learn about how to write CNC part programming of turning, drilling and milling operations and to do Simulation. Using CAM software to create model and do sequence of machining operation and generate CNC part program.

      Major Facilities/Equipments:

    • G35 Computers with EdgeCAM and CADEM softwares installed.

    Additional Labs:

    Dissection lab

      The Department has also initiated Dissection lab of which the main objectives are:

      • Implement ‘Technical Training Programme’, a proprietary teaching and education programme in Engineering and Technology
      • Provide training and education to students and faculty members of Institutes and Engineering Colleges.
      • Hands-on practical sessions on the most scientific way of repair, maintenance and servicing of vehicles
      • Create research facilities
      • Organise Student training program (STP),workshops and seminars.

    CNC Hands-on Lab

      In this lab in addition to regular curriculum the students will learn to write program and execute the sameon machines for several turning operations like plain, step, groove, contour turning, external thread cutting and drilling in CNC Turning Center. Similarly face milling, slot milling end milling, pocket milling and contour milling operations inCNC Vertical Machining Center.

      Major Facilities/Equipment:

      • CNC Turning center – Jobber Junior (ACE Designers Ltd.)
      • CNC Vertical Machining Center – VM 300 (TAL Manufacturing Solution Ltd.)

      Advanced Materials Lab

        Material Science is one of the prime importance field in mechanical engineering. Microstructure and hardness are important properties which govern the behaviour of materials. The current laboratory syllabus is designed to improve the technical skill of students in material microstructure and micro-Vicker's hardness study.