At CEC, our aim is to produce good professionals and we seek the co-operation of parents in achieving this goal. The infrastructure, amenities are of top class and the atmosphere is congenial for learning.

Following points need to be understood by every parent.

1. Do keep in regular touch with the teacher guardian of your son/daughter.
2. Be aware of your son/daughter’s academic progress especially attendance, internal assessment and marks in     the university examinations.
3. Remit all the payments like tuition fees, hostel facility fee directly to CEC in time.
4. Be aware of your son/daughter’s monthly expenditure and mode of expenditure.
5. We may need to contact you sometimes urgently especially in case of accidents and emergency. Hence it is     essential that any change in address, phone numbers and e-mail be informed promptly to the college.
6. Do not encourage your son/daughter to extend their holiday and stay at home when he/she visits the family     during vacation. He/she may end up with attendance shortage.
7. It is wiser that you visit your son/daughter once in a way instead of the student visiting the family frequently     so that his/her studies go uninterrupted.
8. Do not provide the student with a two wheeler or a four wheeler especially in the formative years.
9. Please keep us informed, if the student has a history of illness (physical or mental). Students are covered    under Medicare and are entitled for treatment.
10.In case of health problems for minor illness, the students can attend out patient health clinic and get     treated. If the ill-health warrants inpatient care,the student will be admitted. For minor ailments with short     stay the parents may not be informed, but in case of emergencies, they will be informed as early as possible.    Students are covered under Medicare and these rules are made clear at the time of admission. Medicare      renewal needs to be done promptly
11.Students should stay in the hostels provided in the campus. Staying outside the campus independently has     its own demerits and parent should discuss the matter with the teacher guardian before consenting.
12.It is imperative that parents keep in regular touch with the institution officials especially in case of poor     academic performers.
13.Students are not permitted to use mobile handsets with camera. The equipment shall be confiscated if     student is found to possess it.