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What is Spoken Tutorial Project??

  • Spoken Tutorial is a ten minute long pedagogical audio-visual tutorial, created using Screencast methodology.
  • Created many topics of information technology, such as computer programming, simulation, office productivity suite, graphics and animation software, etc.
  • It is recorded using a script whetted by beginners, thereby making it suitable for self-learning.
  • Dubbed into 22 official languages of India, thereby making it accessible to students who may be weak in English, but otherwise smart.
  • Keeping the video part of the tutorial in English helps retain employment opportunities.
  • There is an application that helps create an offline version of the learning environment, which in turn makes the benefits of the project reach those who do not have Internet access.
  • Through active learning method, students learn a software in short, simple steps.
  • Self-learning, on campus, in lab hours, Offline learning...No expert needed.

About Spoken Tutorial Project

  • An expert explains the working of software, by demonstrating it on the screen, along with a running commentary.
  • A typical spoken tutorial to be of 10 minute duration has been chosen.
  • By stringing together many tutorials, one can come up with study plans that are capable of teaching advanced topics as well.
  • Spoken tutorial is a recording of an actual session. As a result, it can capture every step that is required to explain an activity.
  • Can serve as the best way to document and to explain software or a computer based activity.

About Software Offered through Spoken Tutorial Project

It provides a variety of Spoken Tutorials on various Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) like Linux, Scilab, LaTeX, PHP & MySQL, Java, C/C++, Python, Puby, Perl, Scilab, Blender, LibreOffice etc. Spoken-Tutorials are available in various Indian regional languages also.

About SELF Workshop

In a SELF workshop, a typical student learns from spoken tutorial by reproducing every activity explained and demonstrated in the recording/tutorial. No domain expert needs to be present. SELF workshops are typically of two hours duration. The student learns only some spoken tutorials in the classroom, the rest to be learnt outside the classroom.

About the Role of CEC

Canara Engineering College is the "Nodal Centre" for the Spoken Tutorial Project - promoted by IIT Bombay Spoken tutorial in association with Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) and associated with VTU, as part of its Mission for Education - Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

In the month of January, 2015, we started to conduct FOSS (Free Open Source Software) courses from IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial. We started the courses in Computer Science and Engineering, Information Science & Engineering Department namely C, C++, Java, Blender, and PHP MySQL. We have provided separate time slots to learn those courses. Once the first batch of students learnt C, CPP they appeared for the on-line exam and received certificates from IIT Bombay. The courses started gaining momentum.

The great support from the Spoken Tutorial team, IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial made us continue our journey in FOSS. The FOSS movement steadily attracted the interests of all and more students started to learn the courses in batches and more than 450 odd students got certified in different courses.

IIT Bombay has granted us the status of Nodal Center for Spoken tutorial Program in the year 2017 as we showed remarkable progress in FOSS. As a result of all these efforts leading to a commendable progress we have extended FOSS to Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering & Department of Mechanical Engineering also.


  • To become a leading institute to contribute to the National Mission to make India IT literate and promote the use of Open         Source Software to students.
  • Advantages:
  • In programming, the greatest thrill is writing your own program, compiling and running it.
  • It is well known that listening is always better than reading and that is why this methodology works.
  • It helps that in addition to reading theory, you see the concept in a small program, practice it and understand it in a very simple         way
  • For Undergoing Workshop:
  • The training is via self-learning so one does not need to leave the campus to undergo the training.
  • It is offered totally FREE of COST, as it is funded by the Govt. of India.
  • In the beginning, we will guide and support the learners, once familiar with the method, all can learn.
  • After learning and practicing the tutorials the student becomes knowledgeable enough to take an online assessment test.
  • Participant will receive computer generated certificates on clearing the test conducted by Spoken Tutorial Projects, IIT         Bombay.
  • For more details visit spoken-tutorial.org