The model of “only-teaching” doesn’t match with the current rapid developments in technical education. Imparting quality education in technical colleges needs to be ensured with up-to-date knowledge of technology and science. This can be ensured with active participation of faculty and students in research & development activities. Thus, college has identified thrust for research, development and innovation activities and with the following objectives, R&D cell has been set up.


  1. Promote research activity among faculty and students community.
  2. Encourage to apply for grant under research projects and other funding schemes.
  3. To encourage students for product development and also take up research based projects.

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Chairman of Research and Development, Innovation committee is responsible to develop, sustain and continue the research mission in the college, among its faculty and students, and through collaborative work between institution, industry and other institutions
  2. To define and update R&D policy in discussion with principal as and when required.
  3. To identify potential projects and to communicate various funding agencies for grant/sponsorship.
  4. To encourage faculty to publish their research works in refereed journals indexed in Scopus/web of science.
  5. To encourage and motivate the faculty to register for Ph.D.
  6. The members of committee are responsible to coordinate and promote research activities in their respective department with special emphasis on emerging domain and update the same to the chairman.


Dr. Ganesh V. Bhat

Principal, E&C Dept

Sl. NO Student Name Title of the project Status
1. Mr. Vishwanath M Heart Sound Analysis and Classification Ongoing
2. Mr. Vayusutha M. Studies on Model based Spectral Voice Conversion Methods Ongoing
3. Ms. Ashwini V.R. A Study of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attention Defict Hyperactivity Disorder using Non Linear Features Ongoing
4. Mr. Padmahasa Mattadamoole Studies on real-time traffic sign detection and recognition Ongoing
4. Mrs. Suchitra N Shenoy Automated leukemia detection using machine learning techniques Ongoing

Dr. Rajalaxmi Samaga B L

Professor & HOD, E&C Dept

Sl. NO Student Name Title of the project Status
1. Mr. Anantha Krishna Kamath Comprehensive analysis of load forecasting of a substation – A Case Study Ongoing
2. Mrs. Sandhya P Investigation into parameter estimation of permanent magnet synchronous motor drive Ongoing

Dr. Priya V Frank

Associate Professor, Chemistry Dept

Sl. NO Student Name Title of the project Status
1. Mrs. Lavanya D. Kateel Synthesis of New Heterocyclic Hybrids based on Thiazolidinone and Morpholine Scaffolds as Potential Biological Agents Ongoing

Dr. Damodara N

Professor and H.O.D, Chemistry Dept

Sl. NO Student Name Title of the project Status
1. Mr. Rajitha S Synthesis and Characterization of Pharmacological Active Heterocyclic Compounds Completed

Dr. Demain Antony D’mello

Professor and H.O.D, CS Dept

Sl. NO Student Name Title of the project Status
1. Mrs. Jyothi Shetty Design of an Architecture and Mechanisms for Qos based Service Discovery, Selection and Secure Composition in Cloud Computing Environment Awarded
2. Mr. Shreenath Acharya Energy Efficient, Cost aware Dynamic Provisioning Mechanisms for the Virtual Machines in the Cloud Environment Ongoing
3.Mrs. Shruthi M A novel approach towards providing advanced security on data in cloud computing. Ongoing
4. Mr. Santhosh Kumar D.K Enhancement of Graph Data Analytics Using Clustering And Classification Techniques Ongoing
5. Mr. Basappa B. Kodada Finite State Automata based Light Weight Cryptosystem for Cloud Data Security Ongoing
6. Usha Kirana S.P. Dynamic Task Scheduling and Load Balancing Of Virtual Machines In Cloud Environment Ongoing

Dr. B Krishna Prabhu

Professor and H.O.D, ME Dept

Sl. NO Student Name Title of the project Status
1. Mr. Srinivas Shenoy Development and characterization of fly ash reinforced recycled poly ethylene terephthalate composites as an alternative to wood based products Ongoing

Dr. Venkatesh N

Professor, ME Dept

Sl. NO Student Name Title of the project Status
1. Mr. Deepak Kottari Comparative study of six sigma implementation among manufacturing and service sectors in Karnataka Ongoing


Committee List - R & D I

Sl No Name Designation Department
1 Mr. Ajith Joshi Chairman ME
2 Mr. Niranjan Rai Coordinator ME
3 Mr. Vayusutha M Member ECE
4 Mr. Ramesh E Member EEE
5 Mrs. Sadhana B Member ISE
6 Mr. Sathisha M S Member CSE
7 Dr. Amitha Prabhu Member PHY
8 Mr. Prashanth Somayaji K Member CHE
9 Mr. Sachin (VII Sem) Student Member ME
10 Mr. Mahammad Shahil (VII Sem) Student Member ME
11 Mr. Nagar Adithya Shenoy (III Sem) Student Member CSE
12 Mr. Pai Shreenidhi Deepak (III Sem) Student Member CSE
13 Ms. Amrutha Shenoy M (V Sem) Student Member ISE
14 Mr. Krishna Moorthy Rao (V Sem) Student Member ISE
15 Mr. Prajwith Ullal (VII Sem) Student Member EEE
16 Mr. B Nithish Kumar Baliga (V Sem) Student Member EEE
17 Ms. Jyothi Hiremath (V Sem) Student Member ECE

KSCST Funded Students Project

Sl No Academic Year Total No. of Project Sanctioned Total Amount (`)
1 2017-18 5 31,500
2 2016-17 1 9,000
3 2015-16 3 21,000
4 2014-15 2 10,000

Student’s Participated in State Level Project Exhibition

Sl No Academic Year Title of Event No. of Project participated Prizes Won
1 2017-18 Sristi 2018 8 2 batches have won 2nd prize in their respective domain
2 2017-18 Anveshana 2018 1 Won a consolation prize
3 2016-17 Sristi 2018 5 1 batch won 2nd prize

Publication Summary

Sl No Year International Journal National Journal International Conference National Conference Total Publications
1 2018 20 2 3 14 39
2 2017 24 0 16 6 46
3 2016 25 1 21 17 64
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