Professional Societies

The Professional Societies members together have discussed and come forward with the following objectives for their respective societies:

  • To give a platform for students to improve their technical skillsets with a focus on experiential learning.
  • Create awareness of cutting edge technologies and enable them to contribute ideas and or develop technology interventions for betterment of mankind.
  • Network with peers from other institutes as well as engineers in industry and leverage from the opportunity.
  • Enable them to face the challenges in their professional career.
  • Involve students in planning events with a focus on improving their technical skills like competitions / workshops etc.

Committee Structure:

The committee is headed by one of the faculty coordinators of the committees – appointed by the Principal. The committee is guided by the inputs from the Principal and various department heads including the alumni and placement heads. The constitution is under the guidance of the faculty coordinators (from every department) in consortium with selected student coordinators who meet once every semester and the faculty coordinators meet at least once every month and schedule and plan activities in advance every year and semester.

Roles and Responsibilities:


The roles and responsibilities of various members are as under:

Professional Committee Head

  • Coordinates and arranges meetings and schedules events as per student and faculty coordinators inputs.
  • Makes an estimate of the budgetary requirements.
  • Puts forth any other infrastructure or any other requirements to the departmental heads etc.
  • Plans technical activities for both semesters with a balanced mixture of expert lectures and workshops and competitions and puts the proposal to departmental heads and Principal for approval.P

Professional Society Faculty Coordinator

  • Consults the departmental head and student coordinators
  • Makes a schedule of events
  • Proposes it to the Committee head and the Principal for approval
  • Seeks logistic and financial support

Student Coordinator

The student representatives selected from the departments :

  • Help disseminate the information regarding activities approved by the Principal.
  • Seek inputs from their peers regarding various activities and most importantly
  • Involved in coordinating events.

No. of professional activities conducted in CEC in the past 3 years:

2015-2016 3 4 3 1 0 12
2016-2017 29 13 10 1 0 53
2017-2018 36 9 10 2 10 67
2018-2019 17 6 0 2 0 25+(ongoing)

Special Achievements/ Recognitions:

  • The IEEE Student Branch has been awarded the Best Student branch in the Section and in Subsection in the years 2017 and 2018. The student volunteers have been awarded Best Student Volunteers in the years 2010, 2017 and 2018.
  • The Grace Hopper Celebration India GHCI the-Asia's largest gathering of women technologists awards Scholarships to deserving female students from computing, engineering and IT backgrounds. The Scholarship entitles the recipient to attend GHCI conference and includes full conference registration fee and access to GHCI Student Career Fair. In 2017, of the 220 women students who were awarded the GHCI Student Scholarship, 2 WiE Students from CEC - Ms Mahathi and Miss Shantheri were selected and in 2018, 3 meritorious students from CEC - Miss Swathi BN, Ms Amritha and Ms Aishwarya were awarded the scholarship.
  • SAE Student Chapter has won many accolades for their Vehicle designs in the past few years. Notable are the vehicles - Falcon and Splendor for their performance in Pithampur MP, NIT, Jamshedpur and the GEEDE Race track, Coimbatore.

Volunteering and participation in International Conferences:

  • 2016 IEEE International Conference DISCOVER at NITK – 12 Student Volunteers
  • 2016 R10 Congress of Women in Engineering (Asia Pacific region) – 6 volunteers
  • 2016 R10 Student Youth and Leadership Congress – A student selected for Scholarship via Fee Waiver and another regular participation.
  • 2017 IEEE conference on AEEICAB Advances In Electrical, Electronics, Information, Communication And Bioinformatics held at Prathyusha Engineering College - Chennai 27th & 28th February 2017, by Madras Section - Prof. Divyesh Divakar, Mr.Floyd James, Miss Akshatha Mallya, Miss Srigowri Hebbar, Miss Anjali Shetty B presented “Design of 4 Bit 4 Pulse Finite State Machine Serial Adder” in the ECE track , won the best paper award, three students were IEEE members.
  • 2017 IEEE International Conference on Antenna Innovations and Modern Technologies for Ground, Aircraft and Satellite Applications (iAIM 2017) and YP in Space an international event -24-26 /11/2017 with 3 participants.
  • 2018 Participation in the Second International test conference- ITC 2018 sponsored by Parent body TTTC , held on July 22-24, 2018 at Bangalore. International Test Conference, by 2 students by means of fee waiver.
  • 2018 IEEE WINTECHCON Women in Technology Conference Participation by registration fee waiver.

** On a yearly basis most professional society members who are actively involved in the institute organized events have been observed to have an increased incidence in getting placed and in enrolling into higher studies.

The increased participation in these events has

  1. Not only increased the number of technical activities but has also
  2. Kindled a fervor and a keen interest in technology thereby increasing the quality of the organized activities as well.
  3. This has also brought in better networking in the student community amongst themselves and among peers in neighboring colleges. This has naturally increased their collaborative skills and communication skills as well.
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