• To digitize and integrate academic and non-academic documentation work.
  • To maintain up to date and accurate information of the college.
  • To improve efficiency and flexibility of college record management and to provide a common and or simple platform for everyone to access the student and employee information.

The ERP system is able to:

  • Provide GUI software to update academic and non-academic documentation and data.
  • Maintain a database of academic and non-academic documentation.
  • Generates reports as per requirements of the institute as and when required.
Roles and Responsibilities - ERP Committee
Principal has ultimate authority and responsibility for the College ERP
  • Collecting Requirements from all departments of the college
  • Communicating the requirements to Committee chairman
Committee Chairman designs, implements and controls the ERP Software
  • Designs College ERP as per requirements.
  • Implementation.
  • Makes arrangements for meeting and notifies members of date, time and place of meeting regarding College ERP.
  • Delegates responsibilities to ERP Members, Coordinator and Dept. ERP Coordinator.
Coordinator coordinates the overall work between Committee Chairman and Department ERP coordinator
  • Collecting data from SWO, Library, Administrative Office, Placement & Training Cell and Dept. ERP Coordinator
Members coordinate ERP work with Head of the Department, Faculty and Students
  • Testing College ERP after implementation.
  • Maintaining the ERP Software.
  • Ensuring the mapping of subjects to respective faculty.
  • Monitoring subject wise attendance entries regularly
  • Report generation of marks and attendance required for teacher guardians.
  • Ensuring the split up of batches for respective labs.
  • Monitoring internal marks entry after each internals.
  • Cross Verification of attendance entered in ERP with attendance register of respective subjects and labs.
  • Cross Verification of all three internal marks entered in ERP with attendance register of respective subjects and labs.
Head of the Department monitors the ERP data with respect to the Department
  • Instructs the faculties to update information regularly in the ERP.
  • Looks after day to day activities of his/her teaching and non-teaching staff on ERP.
Faculty upload the Academics related information to ERP
  • Updating Student Attendance and Content delivery on daily basis
  • Updating TG information
  • Entering Student’s IA Marks and University Results
  • Uploading Lesson Plan
Student Welfare Office
  • Sending Student Attendance status and IA marks through SMS via college ERP
  • Uploads Library book information
  • Updating E-Resources information
Administrative Office and Examination cell
  • Uploading Student information during admission
  • College Fee Details
  • Uploading VTU Theory Examination invigilation duty details.
  • Sending duty details to faculty through SMS
Placement And Training Cell
  • Uploading placement details
  • Students can view their attendance status and IA marks
  • Giving feedback on COs and faculty
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