Details of Online website to apply for scholorship (SC/ST,OBC,Miniroity)

*The student can apply for only one of the category scholarship give below

Hard copy of application along with uploaded documents should be submitted to college office without fail.

SC/ST Grievance Redressal & Welfare

SC/ST grievance Cell has been constituted in the institute to resolve all the affairs and problems related to the SC/ST/OBC students of the institute. Following are the objectives of SC/ST and OBC grievance cell:

  • Function as a Grievances Redressal Cell for the grievances of SC/ST/OBC students and render them necessary help in solving their academic as well as administrative problems.
  • Ensuring the affairs related to SC/ST/OBC reservation are implemented in the institute according to Indian Government Policy.
  • Encouraging the SC/ST/OBC student to avail the available facilities.
  • Encouraging the SC/ST/OBC students to excel in academic performance.
  • Nominating student and faculty members to the cell.
  • Dealing with every grievance of SC/ST/OBC in a fair manner.


  • Publishing the facilities provided to SC/ST/OBC students through website and college calendar.
  • Mentoring/encouraging SC/ST/OBC students through Teacher Guardians.
  • Discharging the scholarship amount sanctioned by the government to SC/ST/OBC students.
  • Providing book bank facility to SC/ST students through college library.
  • Addressing the complaints of SC/ST/OBC students through the cell for its peaceful resolution.
  • Nomination of SC/ST/OBC students and faculties for Cell at Institute level.
  • Conducting meeting among the members of the cell.

Committee list – SC/ST

Sl No Name Designation Dept
1. Mr. Ramesh Nayak Chairman ISE
2. Mrs. Meera Hegde Coordinator ADMIN
3. Mr. Ganesh Kamath Member ADMIN
4. Mr. Paramashivaiah B M Member ME
5. Mr. Prashanth Kumar A Member CSE
6. Ms. Naidile S Member ECE
7. Mr. Ganesha Member EEE
8. Mr. Vishweshwara Upadhyaya Member PHYSICS

Number of students SC/ST/OBC scholarship received

Year SC Students ST Students OBC Students
2018 16 24 585
2017 23 26 501
2016 33 26 425
2015 35 23 383

Book Bank Utilizationof SC/ST

Academic Year 2018-19

Year SC Students ST Students
2018 04 01
2017 07 01
2016 17 08
2015 13 07
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